A Quest to Understand

Whether we indulge in our daily purchases of Starbuck’s coffee or the annual “sign-ups” of Sam’s Club’s memberships, we’re all consumers. No matter how much money you think you’re saving or if you’ve been deemed the supersaver of your circle of friends, you’re still a consumer.

Unfortunately for myself, I am not a supersaver. I’m the one who gets caught in those television ads’ webs trying to sell you indestructible tupperware.

This past week, I began my quest through the electronic pages of a newsu.org course (specifically Understanding Media: Process and Principles). I will be honest with you, my knowledge of marketing, media, manipulation, whatever you want to call it, is very limited. However, after taking this course, I realized maybe I’m not so hopeless.

The first thing I learned was the size of the media umbrella. Not that I was totally unaware of the word media, I just never knew how “all inclusive” the  definition was. So I found that media refers to newspapers, magazines, radios, network shows, and the internet. It even refers to the delivery systems.

The course then went into depth about the persuasion techniques marketers use to swindle their buyers. Now I am not completely naive in this sense, but there were some facets of the industry I never even considered. There was one particular instance in which I am a definite participant. Under the practical attempt of marketing, I am a sucker for the new and improved tactic. Character flaw? Yes.

Apart from what I learned, what surprised me the most, and much to my own chagrin, is how much I don’t access the newspaper for any information. Weather, movie times, politics, nothing. Does that make me less of an intellect? Perhaps, but I suppose it doesn’t matter.

If there is one thing I want to know about this industry (not addressed in the course) is how much monetary gain comes from these projects. It is clear these strategies are effectively pulling in consumers everywhere, myself included, but is it really a good industry to get into? 

All in all, this course gave me a glimpse of the media color palette. And how I need to be a more attentive consumer.


One response to “A Quest to Understand

  1. Kirsten, I, like you never look to a newspaper for any information. I never even thought about a newspaper until reading your blog. It’s insane to see how far social media has taken us. I’m not sure if it makes us less intelligent, or lazier than people in the past since we have the convenience of using the internet for almost everything, but it’s an interesting thought.

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