Podcast Extravaganza

I have to say podcasts are quite the innovations. They also pose as great outlets for all those marketing gurus. The first podcast I listened to was conducted by two men, John Wall and Christopher Penn. The subscription is titled “Marketing Over Coffee”. I think it’s safe to say they have their discussions while drinking their lattes.

Anyway, the particular one I listened to is titled Facebook Messages. The conversation pretty much involved marketing tactics, which ones were profitable and which were not. They discussed e-mail marketing which I never knew existed. Let me explain. I knew it existed, I just never knew it was marketing. Now I can put a name to that irritating tactic. 

I will give an example of e-mail marketing. I get a number of e-mails from a variety of student groups and academic departments. There is one specific event that takes place on our campus every year. And without fail, this organization does everything it can to get students to come, sending out e-mails included. But I suppose it is an effective marketing tool because students do participate.

After this, the conversation shifted to facebook messaging. They discussed this new landscape of marketing. With facebook messaging, people will only receive information from the people they wish to receive it from. One of the speakers explained that in order for these businesses to storm this new virtual beach of possibilty (utilizing the facebook messaging service) employees must know how to build relationships and craft marketing material that isn’t horrible.

The second podcast I listened to was hosted by Harrison Kratz (PRStudcast). There were two additional speakers but their names were not provided. The discussion was pretty much geared  towards event planning.

One question in particular asked about the steps in creating awareness for an event. One of the speakers mentioned “research, strategy, execution,” along with word of mouth.

What I found most interesting about this podcast was not the information presented to the listener but where the speakers got some of their information. I don’t have enough fingers to count how many times they referenced twitter. I am realizing now how much this type of networking is utilized in the Public Relations arena.

One final note about planning an event was the importance of choosing a good venue. According to the speakers, a good venue had three things: a strong wireless connection, a layout easy to walk around in, and a calm and quiet atmosphere.

These two podcasts, and the many others that grace the cyber world, are truly educational. It is a facet of the industry that will allow for practically anyone to take advantage of. Students can listen to them and collect essential elements from these professionals. Others who are just entering the field can improve on their foundation.

Podcasts expose perspectives which in return aids others in this industry.


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