One Color, No More Stripes

Public Music Announcement

Thirteen years later, and the collaborating Jack and Meg White, better known as the White Stripes, call it quits. The news became available on the band’s website this past Wednesday. The two members put together a brief note explaining the discontinuation of the project.

“The reason is not due to artistic differences or lack of wanting to continue, nor any health issues as both Meg and Jack are feeling fine and in good health.” Although the explanation meets many disappointed fans, the music created still remains.

The band has had a successful run, releasing six studio albums, and extensively touring throughout the world. It is assumed the two musicians will continue pursuing other works. Jack White is currently with the Raconteurs, as well as a handful of other establishments. As for Meg, it is unknown where she is headed next, but she has been noted for her interest in photography.

To read the passage written by the band in its entirety, visit The White Stripe’s website.


4 responses to “One Color, No More Stripes

  1. NO!! This makes me so sad! I have always been a fan of the White Stripes. They are quite talented and I don’t understand why they would quit now. I wonder if they will come out with a public statement that explains why they have made this decision. I know fans will be angry, and even might turn on the White Stripes if they leave their fans in the dark.

  2. I used to love the White Stripes! So sad to hear this. It is very much like them to not give definite explanations to why they did this. I am sure they are on to more things, hopefully one day they will produce music again even if they do not do it together!

  3. I occassionally listen to the White Stripes, but it is actually news to me that they split. What is interesting is that there is no clear-cut explaination given. However, the real force behing the disolving of several bands is still left up in the air. I am sure that they will continue to lead great careers, whether it still be through music or photography. Either way, Seven Nation Army will forver be thumping through my headphones.

  4. That’s odd that the band split up without any clear reason why. I’m not their biggest fan, but if I were I don’t think what they’ve given as an explanation would be enough. But I do like how they give their music to their fans at the end of the news announcement. I can respect that they want the band to go out on a high note, but for the sake of the fans they may want to give more reason as to why they feel they need to break up now.

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