Grammar is Counting

Even if the crowd isn’t. Yes, grammar, style, spelling, and whatever falls under the umbrella of writing skills, matter. If you can master dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, you are half way there. Unfortunately, the second half may not be as simple. As for myself, my philosophical revelating about grammar hardly breaches the bare minimum of the standard (Is there a standard?). Revelating isn’t a word.  

This week I have tackled the NewsU Course Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More. I chose this course because (including but not limited to) my writing needs work. The course took me three days (no I didn’t sit at my computer for 72 hours straight), but please don’t let this discourage you away from it. When I began the lesson, I thought to myself, “Oh my word, more extraneous laws to put in my life scrapbook.” As I continued, I realized the importance of establishing a strong grammar and writing foundation. I stopped complaining and took notes.

For the first time, instead of gauging the “correctness” of a sentence with the sound test, I learned the proper way of using affect and effect. Granted, it’s still marinating in my brain, but I learned nonetheless. By the end of the course, I freshened up on some 7th grade grammar and learned a handful of new tricks.

As for other students, I suggest you look over the course. Especially if you’re a journalism/public relations major. There’s a fragment, something to avoid. On a serious note, this course, at the very least, can get you off of Facebook.

The course is broken up into six main sections. A quiz is administered in the beginning to show the student his weak spots. Then, there are four segments on grammar, style, punctuation and spelling. At the end, a test is given once more to track the possible progress made.

So take some time, even if it’s just a review, to look over this course. It may surprise you.

And here’s a little music clip.


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