It’s Time to Prepare

With Spring’s untying of Winter’s laces, Summer’s queue to arrive is just about here. For college students, the pressures of securing a summer job can reign in heavy. But no need to worry! A strong resume and interview are sure to alleviate any job-hunting produced anxieties.

The first seed to plant is a resume. Resume writing is not complicated; you simply gather together your accomplishments/credentials and organize them on a page.

The organization of your resume depends on your personal preference. Click on the following: How to Write a Resume. This page provides you with a variety of ways to structure your resume.

The information you provide in your resume may vary from your neighboring competitor. Be sure to do some background research on the company of your choice because this will give you an idea of what to put on your resume. Visit 1st Resumes−this site discusses the content that should be put onto your resume.

The accessibility of your resume should be easy for your possible employer as well. Whether you have a hard copy of the resume or shoot the boss an e-mail with it attached, make sure it quickly gets into the correct hands without any mishaps. Another site, Jobweb, covers a variety of issues pertaining to resume building (including the latter).

Wait to see if the resume planted grows. If the seed planted was good, an interview should be the expected harvest.

Before you have the interview, make sure you prepare yourself for some expected questions. Do not go into the interview without researching, planning and practicing. Research the company. Plan what you are going to say. Practice your plan. But remember; too much preparation may cause over-thinking.

In preparing for the interview, choose the outfit that is most appropriate for the job. If you are applying for a fortune 500 company, you don’t want to wear spaghetti straps or cutoff shorts. You know what is appropriate and what is not. If you don’t, ask someone you know (who is in a similar line of work) what he or she wore for her interview.

And last but not least, be yourself! Don’t perform, just live!

Here’s some music.


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