Interpol Update

Interpol has recently, and graciously, released a free EP for fans. To supplement the North American tour, the band whets listeners’ appetites with their Lights single as well as music singles from the other bands touring with them. With the recording of their latest album, titled Interpol, the band has been extensively touring. They will start their European performances within the next few days, but come April they will wrap up their remaining shows in North America.

Other news involves the dispatch of bass player Dave Pajo. Pajo has played for a variety of bands including the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. On Interpol’s site, a post was written explaining Pajo’s reasons for leaving.

“I’ll be taking a break from touring to focus on family. There are no personal, artistic or health reasons—it’s really as simple as that,” states Pajo.

The band has found a replacement bassist, Brad Truax, to finish out the remainder of the tour.

Below is the band’s single Summer Well from recent album Interpol.


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