Tweety Bird

I have re-entered the twitter world with a new lens. Originally, I had a twitter only for the purpose of publishing “inside joke” commentary amongst a group of friends. Now, I am utilizing the social media tool as a means to stay updated (plus it’s required for my class). And actually, I find myself enjoying it more for the worldwide news updates than the colloquial word exchanges.

Today, I participated in a twitter chat! Now this feature is new to me. My previous twitter account, like I said, was strictly for conversation. And the conversation participant base was limited to about four people and not hash-tagged. Come to think of it, I never used a hashtag until I opened this twitter account. Anyway, I joined the #PRStudChat in attempts to rid myself of my chatting naiveties.

After examining the page, a number of participants (either students or professionals) supplied sources, tips, and answers to anything Public Relations related. To be honest with you, I felt the feed was a bit scattered, and I didn’t find a focal point. But, I think that is the idea. People simply bring forth their questions or inputs pertaining to Public Relations.

As a participant in this twitter chat, I have learned the importance of asking and researching. There are resources EVERYWHERE. This is not limited to the PR sector. One shouldn’t be afraid to ask and research. With these twitter chats, people are prompted to either take information away or provide information for others.

The most surprising thing I have found (and not with just the chat but also some other areas of public relations) is the organization/presentation these people and firms have, or lack thereof. In my opinion, the mark of a good PR professional is his ability to organize and present to a client/public in a minimalistic manner. Some of these resumes and websites I have previewed are so overcrowded with unnecessary information that it immediately overwhelms me. I know I am a student (with limited experience), and I may not understand the scheduling and organization tactics of these people, but I know one thing‒clutter is not appealing.

The question I posed on the chat was in regards to music and PR. If I do decide to enter into PR, I know I want to work with record labels/musicians. I don’t know exactly how I would go about getting my feet wet with this one, but I suppose I will figure it out.

Twitter is, without a doubt, a great tool to circulate information and news. I am glad to have joined again.

And now some music!


2 responses to “Tweety Bird

  1. I love that during your chat you realized that resources are everywhere. When I did my chat, I was so focused on keeping up with the coversation that sometimes I probably missed out on good advice or wisdom. And just for the record, I don’t think clutter is appealing either!

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