Listening in to Kneale Mann

Barbara Nixon, a well-respected and public relations guru, conducted an informative interview with Kneale Mann, a marketing sensation of many media talents, via video conference. As a PR/Marketing/Business novice, I found the discussion both educational and encouraging.

Mann opened up the conversation with some personal logistics. He described his experiences in both the public and private sectors of business. In regards to the public, he explained his goals to accelerate marketing principles within government groups and non-profit organizations. He then geared the chat to the public sector’s counterpart, expounding on the private sector’s emphasis on strategical planning.

After giving an overview of his background and expertise, Mann spoke on a variety of topics. He elaborated on the overlapping of social media, public relations, public affairs, and business marketing. He stressed the importance of having a general knowledge of all the latter outlets.

He also commented on blogging views and writing skills.

“It’s not about the numbers, it’s really about finding that focus,” he stated.

Piggy-backing to the following statement, Mann pushed the audience to start blogging and writing. He found that too many people develop an unrealistic idea of immediately grabbing the absolute victory of a task without work. He advised the audience to begin writing and blogging; everything else will come as a residual effect.

The most important aspect of this session, I believe, was the highlighting of social media outlets. Mann truly put into perspective how important it is to have a general knowledge of all these services. At anytime, one channel could fold, causing a shift in how PR/Marketing/Business is generated. Therefore, it is imperative that one knows how to function other facets of media as opposed to one.

The most surprising, or should I say enlightening moment for myself, was the start a task. I find myself falling under the umbrella of people who have these fantastical ideas of triumphant without any application or work. I will try not to despise small beginnings and remember to work first.

Overall, Mann’s video was delivered effectively, substantially covering the grounds of the PR/Marketing/Business world.

I would like to know more about PR/Marketing/Business in the music industry, as this is my main interest.

PS- Music!


One response to “Listening in to Kneale Mann

  1. This is great advice, especially the advice on becoming well rounded in all media outlets. Who knows if something were to happen and a channel was to fold, causing PR to be conducted differently. Knowing the ins and the outs of the industry is important to recognize how to conduct yourself properly. We never want to be taken off guard or surprised. Thanks for the post.

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