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 “The process of planning, executing, and evaluation programs that encourage purchase and consumer satisfaction through credible communication of information and impressions that identify companies and their products with the needs, wants, concerns, and interests of consumers,” (Thomas L. Harris – A Marketer’s Guide to Public Relations). 

The latter quote sums up my one of my topics of discussion for my upcoming presentation (PR applications class). 

When I was first told to define Public Relations, I immediately jumped on the word marketing. I never understood‒until going through this course‒why there was a separate branch of work for PR professionals. I thought the assumption to umbrella PR under the marketing sector was safe. Now I have realized otherwise. 

To tie this into marketing communications, public relations people will have a hand in this matter of business from time to time. For example, if a company wants to promote a particular technology product, a PR professional may be contacted to help aid in the marketing of the product. In marketing communications, there are three approaches: product publicity, cause-related marketing, and corporate sponsorship. 

In the product publicity approach, a PR professional’s job is to effectively promote the product while maintaining a low-expense rate. Branching off this approach is the option of product placement. One example of this tactic is placing an advertisement in a television program or movie preview. Because it is placed in an already running program, people are more likely to sit through and watch it. 

The next approach, cause-related marketing, uses the picture of a profit-making company juxtaposed with a nonprofit organization. This attempt hopes to inspire the consumer into thinking the profit-making company is supporting a just cause. Thus, the consumer will presumably make a purchase of that company’s particular product. 

The final approach involves corporate sponsorships. When events/products are sponsored (especially by well-known companies), it enhances the overall appearance. 

In addition to marketing communications, I will touch on the subjects of environmental relations and corporate philanthropy. 

Source: Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics Ninth Edition, written by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.

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  1. Your blog is very helpful! I used to look at public relations as just marketing too until this course where I realized that it has a lot more stuff to do. It has to do with planning, executing, and evaluating. Of course marketing is still included but public relations is very broad. I like your youtube video as well. This blog people should look at to understand public relations better.

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  3. I was scrolling through your blog and I liked what I was seeing and then my eyes struck upon the video you posted of circa survive! Juturna is one of my favorite albums ever, I have it on vinyl and I listen to it all the time! So this is me stopping by and saying hi to a fellow circa lover!

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