Final, Last, Done, etc.

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As the semester wraps up, students are scrambling to finish last-minute assignments and prepare for summer work/internships. Reflecting on these past months, I have found I have learned much more about public relations than I ever intended to learn. In the beginning of the year, I had no expectations. I went in with an open mind, ready to experience and explore the PR field, but not setting a goal for myself. But I believe ultimately, a subliminal goal was created as the weeks progressed. Thanks to my professor, I not only received a substantial amount of information about the PR career, but truly had a chance to have some interaction with a real PR professional. It is one thing to teach PR, but it is another thing to be in the actual industry. I have to give my professor a big shout because she is, without a doubt, a PR expert. Thanks Prof!

 After my reflection, I had come up with a list of the top-ten things I have learned about public relations. The list goes as follows:

 1. Networking is key.

2. Public Relations is subjective unlike journalism which is objective.

3. The definition of publics.

4. Twitter, Facebook, all things social-networking related are great outlets, but one must be careful with the information put out on these sites.

5. Blog.

6. Networking will show up everywhere, more than once. Hence its inclusion on this list twice.

7. Remember names.

8. PR professionals are essentially ambassadors.

9. Dress professionally.

10. Press releases = grammar background.

I can confidently say I am able to carry somewhat of a conversation about public relations without tilting my head in confusion. Although I am limited in PR work experience, I hope to one day garner my skills I have learned in this class and put them into action. 

PS- Yo Yo Ma


2 responses to “Final, Last, Done, etc.

  1. Hey Kirsten! Great top 10! I love how networking was number one, because it is so true, in the PR business you have to network it is so important and is crucial! I love your blogs, and how there is always music :-).

  2. This is a great list of top ten. I agree with Barbara that networking definitely needs to be in there because of it’s importance. The music addition is a great thing to have, as I know for me, I hate silence and usually read with some kind of ambient, peaceful music behind it, and that made this post all the better to read and go through.

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