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Where’s Waldo?

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Earl Sweatshirt, one of the members (is he still a member) of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA), has apparently been located. According to Exclaim, the musician disappeared, only to be found in a photograph– a possible school photograph? Sweatshirt is currently the youngest member of the group, but certainly not the least considered. The collobaration has recently announced a North American tour– perhaps Sweatshirt will show up.


LCD Soundnomore

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With LCD Soundsystem’s final show, a recent cover release has surfaced. According to Paste Magazine, James Murphy and the band has covered Franz Ferdinand’s Live Alone. Unfortunately for fans, this does not mean resurrection LCD, but it gives a hint of consolation for the loss. Fourty-years young, Murphy is shifting from band to solo work. It was mentioned that Murphy plans to continue in his music career– just not as LCD Soundsystem.

A Break Don’t Mean Nothing– Have Mercer on Me!

Information was recently released that James Mercer’s is bringing back the Shins. After a two-year standstill, the band has decided to resurface. Although the band had taken a break, Mercer was busy colloborating with Danger Mouse aka Brian Burton in his side project Broken Bells. The latter has also released a new EP Meyrin Fields. The four-song EP is slightly different from the band’s previous release. With the Shins back in the game, will Mercer leave his other projects?

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is circling within the television industry’s conversations. According to Paste Magazine, Gaiman’s novel is up for consideration– an HBO series consideration. Best known for his adolescent novel Coraline, which was later adapted into a film, Gaiman is no veteran to the film world. A week prior to this announcement, information was disclosed about a movie adaptation as well. Will this be more successful as a series or a film? Stay tuned!

Lorrie Walker – PR Connoisseur

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“Learn to network.”

Lorrie Walker, a public relations professional and the owner of Lorrie Walker Communications, couldn’t stress this point enough; and I couldn’t agreemore. With an ARMY background of training in journalism and public affairs and a Bachelor of Science degree in business and professional leadership from Southeastern University, Walker certainly has credentials that speak for themselves.

After conducting a phone interview with her (I found her information on the internet), I discovered a laundry-list of PR essentials.

First things first, what’s a typical week like? Walker went on to explain that the balk of her time was spent writing articles and press releases while marketing for companies via the internet. In previewing her website, I found my mind begging this question: “How does one gather all this information, and in such a short amount of time?”

Walker went on to explain that she has two additional clients who do subcontract work for her. With these workers supplementing the company, it is assumed some type of relief is provided for the owner. 

The conversation then shifted to a specific project Walker undertook.

“I am a people person. I love to network.” she said enthusiastically.

With this statement, Walker jumped right into the details of the project. Basically, she wanted to create more traffic for a company; specifically for her hairstylist. And that she did!

She created a website for her patron, promoting his services and a charity cut-a-thon. This allowed for a better generation of business while endorsing a good cause. The first Hair for Hope was held in 2009, and has continued annually ever since.

Such success proves Walker’s ability to network. Something simple as getting your haircut opens the door to future business opportunities. So start shaking hands and kissing babies!

The discussion moved to the topic of current events. How does one remain updated in the PR industry? Walker simply checked off the social media network outlets: twitter, facebook, blogs. Without the use of these instantaneous networks, one can forget about being informed. To get ahead of the game, one must remain in the game. Unfortunately, newspaper releases are yesterday’s business. The ability to navigate these internet resources will only increase one’s knowledge. So for all the pious print-lovers (myself included), set down the paper, at least for a little while, and see how much news you can gather from the internet in three minutes.

Walker was then asked about her PR knowledge prior to her career. Was there something she wished she had known before delving into this business?

“I can’t think of anything only because the internet came about while I was working [in the industry]. It was not ‘Oh I wish I had learned to use the internet.’”

Internet is essentially one of the foundational building blocks for the PR industry today. Because Public Relations is a relatively growing trend amongst the younger sector (although it began several centuries ago), having a background in internet usage is almost expected.

The conversation was wrapped up with two final questions. The first inquired about the importance of writing.

“[Writing is] monumental. You can’t be a good PR practitioner if you can’t write well,” stated Walker.

She then went on to propose that one should invest in an AP stylebook which proves to be a great reference for writers.

The final question asked Walker to provide three tips for a new PR practitioner. As mentioned earlier, networking is key. She merged tips one and three to networking. She also referenced the importance of writing and reading.

“To be a good writer, you need to read some good writing.”

She suggested two magazines she currently reads: Garden and Gun and FastCompany.

PS- Music for you!

Record Labels

This past morning, Paste Magazine had released a list of 14 musicians who have/had dropped contracts with record labels in hopes to create their own line.

The list includes: Kid Cudi, Cake, OK Go, Prince, Wilco, Gretchen Wilson, The Rolling Stones, And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, RJD2, Jim James, Alkaline Trio, Oasis, White Strips and Nine Inch Nails.

From disagreements to expired deals, the musicians’ reasons for pursuing their own labels greatly varied.

In addition to the 14 mentioned musicians, Radiohead was spolighted for their job well-done on successfully releasing their music unconventionally.  

“What we wanted was some control over our [master recordings] and how it was used in the future by them. That seemed reasonable to us, and we cared about it a great deal,” lead singer of Radiohead, Thom Yorke stated.

Finances seem to play a vital role in music careers. Whether musicians wish to pursue an already established label or create their own, the success of the band/musicians should be qualitative, not quantitative.

“Gone, Like Moses Through the Corn”

Fashion designer John Galliano’s contract with fashion company Christian Dior, has been terminated. In lieu of extending the designer’s suspension, Dior has decided to fire Galliano.

The designer has been accused of making racial slurs to a number of people. The unraveling of the issue began when a reporter posed a question (in regards to Galliano) to actress Natalie Portman.

According to MSN Movies the reporter asked, “You’re a spokesperson for Dior’s Miss Dior Cheri fragrance. Why are you not wearing Dior tonight? And what do you think about Dior designer John Galliano recently being suspended for alleged assault and for allegedly making anti-Semitic remarks?”

Before Porter could answer, the reporter was cut-off and the question was buried.

Initially, the designer was put on suspension, but when a video, providing evidence that Galliano had made controversial statements, surfaced, the company decided to fire him.